With a background as a professional Triathlete, Matt has spent much of his life training and competing at an elite level. He started his own Outdoor Training company in 2007 and soon found his calling as a coach. He has developed his own unique style of training that he can adapt to suit a range of athletes, from beginners to elite professionals.

During these coaching years Matt also transitioned into the burgeoning sport of Obstacle Racing, which he now dominates in Australia, having won the Australian OCR Championship in 2015 and representing Australia in numerous races in the USA, including winning the World’s Toughest Mudder team event in Las Vegas in November 2015.

During the last 3 years Matt has also starred in ESPNs hit TV show ‘Search4hurt’, which features Matt travelling the world, training with and interviewing top sporting teams and athletes. His sessions with teams such as the Wallabies, the Hockeyroos, the Mariners and the Australian Water Polo team have given him invaluable knowledge into how the best athletes train and recover, and Matt has been able to take this knowledge into his own coaching.

In 2015 Matt launched his online training program obstaclecourse.training which he developed alongside top international OCR athletes Ryan Atkins and Jon Albon. Together they have created online running and strength programs for the OCR community. 

After moving to the Victorian Highlands in late 2015, Matt is now focused on his on own training, preparing for the 2016 Obstacle Racing season in the USA, and is scheduling a tour of ‘Hurt Camps’ around the country, bringing the Search4hurt experience to the public.

Matt also privately coaches a select handful of trail running and obstacle racing athletes, and is available for private coaching, corporate events and training camps on request.